Hi I'm Lisa ...

My own life challenges and struggles with mental health have led me toward wanting to help others improve their mental health and well-being through supporting them in better understanding their own challenges, belief systems, values, boundaries and behaviours.

I bring together both my personal and professional experience around the ways mental health can significantly impact quality of life. This unique lens enables me to see mental health challenges from multiple perspectives and essentially better places me to support you in identifying and reaching your preferred outcomes.

Together we can work toward a clearer, more sustainable way of living for you.

“The curious paradox is

that when I accept myself

just as I am, then I can change.”

Carl R. Rogers

What Brings You Here ... ?

Perhaps the constant feeling of dread, knot in your stomach, spiralling thoughts and racing heart is getting you down? Do you spend your day raking through stuff from the past or stressing about the future? Are you analysing every past or future conversation or interaction trying to find a way you could do better or say something different?  Do feel like the only one who isn’t able to enjoy the moment.

I can help you find relief, feel relaxed, at ease, slow down your thoughts and enable you to feel connected again!

Are your mood and emotions up and down and all over the place? Fine one minute, angry or low the next? Do you feel guilt and shame about your mood or feel others constantly trigger you?

You’re not alone! Anxiety, worry and low-mood is frightening, and leaves you feeling unsafe in your own body and mind... that constant feeling of fear and panic in your chest and stomach! 


Does this leave you, frozen in thought, staring into space, zoning out or loosing blocks of time where you can't remember what happened? Or maybe you're laying awake at night or relying on unhealthy, unsustainable coping strategies or pretending it’s fine just to get through!

I can help you feel safe, experience less zoning out, feel emotionally and physically stable, feel more connected, energised and able to find joy in life again. 

I understand that seeking support can stir up a range of emotions such as fear, anxiety and sometimes even a sense of nervous reluctance as you grapple with the decision to reach out for counselling and begin to work through your pain or confusion. Getting started can be daunting and the fear of making the wrong decision can be frightening and paralysing. With the development of trust, safety, and warmth, I can support you through your journey.

Areas I Specialise In

Issues I Work With

Counselling can help with a wide range of mental health, wellbeing and life challenges. In my practice, I have supported people with the following life challenges...

Children's Behaviour

Parenting Support


Parenting Support




Animal Bereavement

IVF - IUI & Fertility

Suicide – Thoughts or loss by

Fertility Challenges




Domestic Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Difficulties




New Parent Challenges


Sexual Trauma

Unresolved Childhood Trauma


Hormonal Issues

Parenting Challenges

Children's Behavioural Challenges

Special Educational Needs – Caring for

Relationship Issues (Partner, Sibling, Friend, Colleague)

Divorce or Separation

Mother Daughter Relationship

About Me


I'm a qualified and accredited, Integrative, Person-Centred Counsellor and hold the following Qualifications:

Clinical Psychology – Masters of Science (Distinction) - University of Hertfordshire

Psychology – Bachelor of Science Degree (First Class Honours) - Open University

Integrative Therapeutic Counselling – Level 4 Diploma - SEG Awards

Bereavement Practitioner – Level 2 Certificate - Cruse Bereavement (Ascentis Awards)

Trauma Informed Practice - Certificate - Counselling Tutor

⦁ Counselling Online - Open University & BACP Level 2 Certificate 

Fertility Counselling Foundation - CPCAB Accredited Course - BICA

⦁ Addressing Postnatal Depression - BPS Approved Certificate University of Exeter

⦁ Parent Child Therapy - Advanced Practitioner Certificate Trauma Informed Schools 

Mindfulness in Schools Practitioner – Certificate - Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP)


With both professional and first-hand experience of many mental health and life challenges, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my counselling practice. I’ve worked for over 10 years in the NHS, education and charitable sectors and for local authorities in a variety of capacities. Beginning my career in psychology, I have conducted academic research at degree and master’s level in the field of psychology as well as lecturing psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. At present I work as a Trauma and Addiction Recovery Therapist for a Hertfordshire based Community Interest Company. This enables me to draw on a rich and diverse range of experience to support mental health and well-being recovery.  

As a result of my extensive training, knowledge and mental health sector experience, I specialise in supporting individuals who are feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, through working with both the mind and the bodily sensations associated with panic and distress. I have experience in helping people navigate these relentless, difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions. Together, we can develop skills and techniques that will help bring a sense of ease, safety and control, we can then unravel the reasons behind your feelings, enabling you to worry less and enjoy life more and feel safe again. 

My Approach

I’m a person-centred, integrative therapist who specializes in offering a mindfulness-based approach to mental health and wellbeing. As an integrative therapist I work with a variety of therapeutic theories and models which enable me to tailor therapy sessions to meet the unique and individual needs of each of my clients.

My approach to therapy means that I offer traditional counselling as well as contemporary and creative approaches to enable me to meet the needs of each individual client. I am a big believer of the mind and body connection and very much consider how mood and emotion also impact and affect the body in terms of pain, energy, immunity, overall health, and wellbeing. I often guide clients to explore their bodily responses to situations, feelings and emotions to help deepen their understanding of themselves. This integration of the body and mind in a therapeutic capacity is referred to as somatic therapy.

Professional Memberships

As part of my ongoing professional development and therapeutic practice, and continued commitment to safe and ethical therapeutic service delivery, I am a member of the following professional bodies:

British Psychological Society (BPS)

British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS- Accredited)

British Infertility Counselling Society (BICA)

Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP)

British Psychological Society Logo

Fees & Payments

I offer face to face counselling in Enfield and online and telephone counselling.

Initial consultation:

Free 20-minute phone consultation

Ongoing Sessions

Sessions for Individuals (Face to Face or Online):

£60.00-per 50 minutes

Student Counsellors & Concessions (limited availability):

£45, 50 minutes

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Single Session Therapy

Single Session Therapy (Face to Face / Online):

£70.00 - per 60minutes

£85.00 - per 90 minutes

Parent Child Relationship Work:

£120 (Starting from)


I currently work online nationwide via online platforms and phone. I offer face to face sessions in the Cheshunt and Goffs Oak (Monday am, Friday all day) which are easily accessible from the surrounding areas such as Cuffley, Waltham Abbey, Pottersbar, Hatfield, and Herford.

Enfield Counselling Rooms

Contact Lisa

To find out more ...

Unit 3 Stockbridge Close


Lush Wellbeing Studio

This property is situated off of Hammond Street, between Goffs Oak and Cheshunt, along side Tesco Express and The Rep Room Gym. There is parking on site and a private entrance to the Human Holistic Counselling room. The entrance to the counselling office is along a private ally way to the right of Lush.

Fosse Bank Rags Lane


Fosse Bank Rags Lane EN7 6TE

Located in a country lane nestled between Goffs Oak and Cheshunt, next to The Historic Burton Grange manor house. Just a 2 minute car drive from The Prince of Whales public house, 7 minutes from the M25 and 5 minutes from the A10.

Get in Touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the counselling and therapy I offer, or to arrange a free consultation appointment.

This will enable us to discuss the reasons you are thinking of coming to therapy, whether it could be helpful for you and whether I am the right therapist to help.

You can call me on 07732767168 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me before booking a consultation. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and adheres to my privacy and data protection


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